Eddy and Viv Feature Film

Directed By Simon Larkins

Starring Sean James Murphy, Chantelle Jamieson, Miriam Glaser, Simon London

When a man's date goes fatally wrong, there is only one person he can turn to...a good friend will always share your bad day.

In this new Aussie feature, the friendship between lifelong pals Eddy and Viv will be tested by love, death and the law (if they're interested).



Rex's Pet Short Film

Directed by Chantelle Jamieson

Starring Leandro Monoghan, Chantelle Jamieson

In the wake of a tragedy, a little family is left in various stages of grieving. Newly widowed, Zoe is struggling with the weight of her loss. Her son, Rex, is trying to hang on to the happy memories of his dad. When an unexpected house-guest comes to stay, the bonds of the family start to reform